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Catalyst updates Thursday and Sunday!

(Source: revocare)

Catalyst updates Thursday and Sunday!

(Source: revocare)


this is the only way im able to cope after stone ocean

Via And no one ate dinner that night.


Gift for Decay because she’s always drawing me things <3 Trying to play with my style a bit!

When I read that Sydney and her father’s Houndoom spend special time together when she visits, I couldn’t… n ot draw it



Cubi appreciation post. One of my favorite artists and definitely a brilliant artist. 

This is really cute and feels warm! If that makes at sense! 😊

Via TENDER (Not a chicken)



aaand stream over time to take a nap

Elesa and Zebrastrika by Tingtongten.


for the past month or so i’ve been drawing a dog-cow-deer species using desserts as their design theme. i have made far too god damn many of them and i might make them adoptables…. this is strawberry cheesecake!!

Via I hate Wednesdays



Every now and then Pringle encounters the other dragon that lives in my mirror. They don’t get along very well…

GROOT!!!! Who is this gob whom threater my DINNER SANCTITUS!!! Gat out! oh! oh hey good looken how y adoin. mm. wow ya cutey (licks) 9.8/10 Narcissfull??? Mabye just a dumb silly geeps!

Via Figurative Elements

i really love fucking idiots who feed the enemy gold all early game so they start stomping hard in a certain lane, then later they blame everyone but themselves and their friend when they are destroying everyone around the map.

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